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Through subjective experience and introspection, Gelain investigates issues related to human existentialism drawing directly from the mental and emotional, symbolic and dreamlike sphere.

Thanks to a plural opening of perceptions, various research themes such as inner conflicts, mental landscapes and redemption are explored by a synergy of form and content, image and intention.

Her analysis is based on the practice of (infra)confrontation, openness and dialogue, trying to overturn barriers, reach and touch the other across intimate reflections and genuine experiences, giving space to invisible parts of our being which are still often rejected with indifference and incomprehension; recalling untethered resources of though and cognition of the others starting from ourselves.

Stretching a thread between consciousness and unconsciousness, between vision and figuration, the balance oscillates through (self)analysis, awareness and the search for an empathic balance. By accepting the discomfort for true change in a voluntary and active journey that will lead to different catharsis of being and, as a result, how we can (co)exist in reality.​


Interdisciplinary artist, Gelain explores subjects and figurations through different languages and means of communication, which can help to best express her work vision.

Curriculum Vitae

Portfolio on the Artist Register by Artists' Association of Finland.

'THROWughOUT' exhibition by Valentina Gelain, thank you to Malakta Films for the video presentation!

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