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In recent years, Bekim Hasaj and Valentina Gelain have strengthened their collaboration as a duo, and their inspiration draws from the rural and natural environment, interacting deeply with its elements. Investigate the land's forms and physicality, or penetrate symbolism that can be traced back to human beings. 

The work aims to explore and represent the inner sphere, dealing with existential issues through introspection and self-awareness, trying to manifest the mental and psychological dimension. This non-visible that becomes a network of universal connection and belonging, in their (poetic) analysis finds depiction, meaning and concreteness in the surrounding.

The upcomin projects carry forward the research between artist, nature and art making in rural areas.

The Shell Cracked by Bekim Hasaj & Valentina Gelain - visual reference
'The Shell Cracked' 2024-2025

Interactive sculptural-audio installation and namesake exhibition concept



'Translucid skins-vibrations of us' by Bekim Hasaj & Valentina Gelain - visual reference
'Translucid skins-vibrations of us' 2024-2025

Multidisciplinary project with focus on outdoor temporary interventions/installation and production of the art film 'Fall'


'What is left-Temple of memory' by Bekim Hasaj & Valentina Gelain - visual reference
'What is left-Temple of memory' 2025-2026

Interdisciplinary project based on community research and spatial-interactive-immersive installations in abandoned places, in rural (and urban) areas, plus exhibition pilot 'The Hidden Spots'


D.P.A.R.A. by Black Box Genesis - visual reference
D.P.A.R.A. 2023-Present

Long-term public art development project in rural areas


'Extension-Flexion-Contraction-Spasm-Expansion' by Bekim Hasaj - visual reference

Multidisciplinary spacial installation for indoor venues


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