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'Challenging the Support'


painting project by Bekim Hasaj, 2021-Present

'Challenging the Support'  series by Bekim Hasaj in the making

This series of works is based on an aesthetic research of shape, color, texture and abstract gestures. Using the canvas of much larger dimensions than those of the wooden board on which it is applied, the artist tried to make the canvas ‘fit in’ around the wooden square by bending (folding) it in spontaneous and instinctive ways and shapes. In this way each work gives an unexpected result even for the artist himself.

A parallelism that reminds us of the Greek myth of Procrustes. In this series his research has simplified everything by focusing on the very basic elements of a painting artwork: colors, shapes, gesture, support (canvas, wooden board).

It stressed once again a total rejection of the figurative representation in relation to the support (canvas) and its presupposed shape and flatness. The same happens with the content which comes into question not by its direct representation inside the artwork but by the means of the process of ‘the making’.

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