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Think of a place, a spot where there are no rules, there is no above and below, where there are no limits (if not human ones)... where everything can go beyond... where everything can be created. Imagine being able to live thousand times, imagine being able to expand until conceive, touch 'the other'. Open with us this infinite space where you can be infinite.

Don't be afraid to open the box!

Beko & Vale with Box

Black Box Genesis is an art initiative that encompasses the experience in fine arts and artistic/cultural activities of Valentina Gelain and Bekim Hasaj. Established in 2018 in Vaasa, Finland, as an art studio and art space, we have collaborated with various organizations, art foundations, artists, associations, organizing and creating events, exhibitions, and public art works. Now, projected towards the latter and online or pop-up exhibitions, Black Box Genesis consolidates the form of a platform for the presentation and promotion of the two founders, peers and other collaborators.

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