Untitled, mural painting, Malakta Art Factory, 2020
Wall Mania, Untitled, mural painting 2020
Artistic production 2018-2019 
Album n.3
Tutte le facce dell'io
Album n.2
Album n.1

Bekim Hasaj was born in Albania in 1990. After finishing his artistic high school in Tirana, he moved to Milan, Italy, where he graduated with full marks in Painting at Brera Academy of Fine Arts.
At the moment he lives in Finland, where he started the Art Life Project "Black Box Genesis" with his wife and artist Valentina Gelain.
His training, mainly pictorial, has always directed him to the analysis and study of color. His early works are characterized by gaudy, violently juxtaposed and overlapping tones. The brush strokes are decisive, expressive, strongly material.
Although they do not give up experimentation, which led him to explore fields such as sculpture, the artist continues to use the canvas as a favorite support to communicate his emotions.
The privileged subject is undoubtedly humans, in all its many and fragmentary facets.
Over the years his painting has undergone a slow but incessant process of evolution, traceable in the transition from realism to abstractionism.
Human figures have begun to split up and articulate; the same canvas has undergone profound changes.
A constant evolution of his works must also be observed; the artist likes to rethink and re-contextualize the work continuously. In fact, the initial idea is often only the starting point of a process that can ultimately lead to a radical transformation of the work undertaken.
At the moment the artist is looking for a closer dialogue between work and environment, between color and concept, in search of a new artistic balance.

Last six exhibitions:

- Collective art exhibition Wall Mania at Black Box Genesis art space (Vaasa, Finalnd, 2020);
- Terminal collective art exhibition at Sale Agello (Crema, Italy, December 2019);
- VIZart International Biennal 2019 of Self-portrait at National Historical Museum (Tirana, Albania, September       2019);   
- Collective art exhibition for Konstrundan 2019 at Malakta art factory (Malax, Finland, September 2019);
- Participation in the Night of Art of Vaasa with Glitch art installation (Finland, August 2019);
- Participation in the art fair Swiss Art Expo 2019 (Zurich, Switzerland, August 2019).

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